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Thorn Fine Jewelry



 Yellow Gold with Diamonds

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Designed to Embrace

Yellow Gold with Diamonds

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Thorn- Embodying well earned Success

Lebron James’s wedding ring. Teyana Taylor’s engagement ring. When Sports Illustrated interviewed Iman Shumpert about fashion, the Spirit of Thorn was front and center. During the NFL playoffs Ted Ginn Jr. wore a Spirit of Thorn necklace. When Lebron James met with Michelle Obama, he wore the Crown of Thorns jewelry line. When Jamie Foxx promoted Baby Driver on Instagram the Thorn bracelet is on his wrist. These men and women have fought, struggled, and earned internationally recognized names. They know the struggle, and Thorn reminds them every day to keep pushing forward.

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Inspired Elegance 

Yellow Gold - White Gold - Rose Gold
Thorn Necklace with Diamonds

Eli Niv-Adversity drives inspiration

Eli Niv is a world renowned jeweler, artist, and visionary. The Thorn collection is inspired by the joy that comes from facing hardship, pushing forward, and overcoming adversity. Pursuing your dreams, pushing past limitations, and experiencing the personal growth that comes from overcoming adversity is what Eli Niv’s Thorn line is all about. This indescribable feeling of transformative change brought on by success resonates deeply with our clientele. This message is at the heart of everything we create. Whether one of Eli’s original pieces, or a custom work designed to bring about your unique vision of your own personal struggle, the work of Eli Niv showcases obstacles overcome.

Spirit of Thorn Necklaces


Inspirational, Grace, Dignity

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