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I went to college on a classical piano scholarship. My grandmother made me practice one full hour a day. Every day. Man. I thought all she wanted was for me not to have any fun. Next thing you know, you have a career in music. -Jamie Foxx

The Thorn collection of cufflinks resonate with the true success that comes from pursuing your dreams and overcoming adversity. We have all struggled, and through perseverance we overcome these trials to rise above. The Thorn collection is for those people for whom the ideal of pushing past limitations and rising above adversity resonates deeply.  These cufflinks are created in several metals including Silver,, Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold to meet your individual style and taste.The Thorn collection can be seen worn by Jamie Fox promoting Baby Driver, and speaking on his Instagram page speaking about Beat Shazam.  Other celebrities who accessorize with the Thorn collection include Tristan Thompson, Rudy Gay, Eric Bledsoe, Michael Kidd, Ted Ginn, Maverick Carter, and Donte Whitner From the high fashion lifestyle of Los Angeles, to the nightlife of Cleveland Thorn remains the perfect accessory. For those who understand the struggle, the thorn collection is a daily reminder of what they have overcome.

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